Monday, August 13, 2012

Lipstick Red Poppies and an Art Obsession by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Lipstick Red Poppies

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

My poppy obsession blossoms as work continues on a large Italian landscape commission - one of those wonderful, lovely assignments where the client has faith in me and cheers me on every step of the way! I've been thinking a lot lately about the balance between my day job as a magazine editor and my night job in the studio as an artist, and my weekend job as an art instructor, and how the balance becomes more precarious with time, and I guard my time in the studio jealously. 

If I were single, I would be one of those people who forgets to eat and uses dish soap in the shower because buying shower soap is so far down my list of priorities. I would live on bags of potato chips and M&Ms, and would forget to change my jeans into something without paint spatters on those rare occasions when I went out in public. I used to be a clothes horse, someone who poured over the new seasonal styles and spent a huge amount of each meager pay check on outfits. Now I cannot stand to even be in the shoe store with my husband more than 10 minutes. I want to be home with my paints instead of trying on tennis shoes which I badly need, because my current tennis shoes are so completely worn out from standing on my feet for 10 hours a day in front of my beloved easel. 

Fortunately fate intervened at the age of 38 and blessed me with a nurturing husband who brings me hot meals to the studio and reminds me that outdoors in the fresh air and even at the gym are good places to be from time to time. I'm not sure what exactly triggered this leap upon the art obsession treadmill, but I do feel like I am in a race with time, to be the best artist I can be, to produce as much art as possible, against some invisible marker ahead of me on down the road, a goal still so far from me I cannot even clearly define it. Are you one of those folks who has found yourself in this race? What on earth triggers such a thing, I wonder?


CrimsonLeaves said...

I find myself with the same intensity of feelings for not being good enough and never having the time or energy I really want to give my art. I can't seem to push myself much further after work each day as I am exhausted.

Your work is always beautiful, Nancy.

Egretta Wells blog said...

I think perhaps most artists feel that way! I am way older than you and I feel the obsession and even the impatience that maybe I should do more, produce more. And why isn't it good enough, I ask myself. And time is going by so fast and what if....?
Then I think that this isn't all there is, you know. This is only life on earth, not our full life eternal. I will paint my best paintings after I have left this earth. That thought calms me down quite a bit!