Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Island Cottage Geraniums and a Rose Photo Tour of Coronado Island by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Island Cottage Geraniums and Daisies
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Take a Peek at My New Geranium Painting Video!

Island Cottage Geraniums is the newest work in the studio, as I pack up 20 paintings for my show at the Keller, Texas, City Hall in August. Although this has been a really mild summer so far, Texas in August may not be the absolute best place to visit, so I'm sharing a few island cottage images from Coronado, California, with you here. Here are some of my favorite roses from photos taken during my solo show on the island this past spring. 

Before we get started, you may want to put on a light sweater and a sun hat, and some comfy shoes. Later we can walk down to the beach and have coffee drinks with whipped creme and whatever fresh cookies have just come out of the oven at Panera on Orange Avenue just a block away from my fav California place for art,  Art and Frame by Wood Gallery.

Award winning roses -
no surprise there!

A blue ribbon proudly displayed.

I love the yellow! It's joyful.

Climbing roses, sigh inducing!

Peach roses, delicious!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love your Island Cottage Geraniums!
They are magnificent!
And all those roses,, oh my gosh!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Every image is breathtaking, Nancy.