Monday, June 25, 2012

Step by Step Painting - Orange Crush Daisies and Sunflowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Orange Crush Daisies and Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

Orange Crush Daisies and Sunflowers is the newest artwork blooming on the easel, as I wrap up a fun day with a student and friend painting some of our favorite blossoms together here in Flower Mound Studio. It's been a busy weekend, and I learned some valuable lessons while working on the sunflower painting video. We're still in the first edit stage, holy cow the folks who edit major motion pictures have my total respect now! I don't yet have my own director's chair but I do have a few more gray hairs....  Here are a few tips from an amateur for you:

  • When filming a video in your studio, if you happen to own a dog who has never regurgitated in its life, it will choose a moment when you are filming to regurgitate loudly and with enthusiasm.
  • When filming a video in your studio, be forewarned that at a crucial moment in the painting, your easel will most assuredly collapse, causing you to blurt out words on camera you wouldn't say in Sunday school.
  • If your husband is doing the filming, even if he has never before seen a painting video, be assured he knows a lot more about what should go into your painting video than you do.
  • If you happen to have four pugs in the studio with you during filming, be sure you do not begin filming one hour before the pugs' mealtime, since the elder pug will take it upon himself to find ways to creatively remind you that a mealtime is eminent.
  • After you have fired the husband/cameraman, ordered him out of your studio, and exclaimed that it is time to return the new video camera to Best Buy the next day, eat chocolate. Chocolate calms the soul.
  • The next morning, after husband/cameraman asks to return to his post and swears to not utter a single word during the entire filming, lock well fed pugs in kitchen and proceed with video.

To be continued....

First step - getting in the underpainting

Red daisy and orange backgrounds - check!

Punching up the color - yay!


Carol said...

So funny!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Benny & Lily

martinealison said...

Cela ne devait pas être triste cette séance de tournage vidéo !
Une belle capture de votre travail en cours.
Magnifique, oui simplement magnifique!

Gros bisous à vous...

CrimsonLeaves said...

Perfect title for this beautiful profusion, Nancy. Loved reading of your hard learned lessons too.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We love to watch you paint and create something so beautifuls!