Thursday, June 28, 2012

Step by Step Painting - Don't Worry Daisies and a Hill Country Art Show by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Don't Worry Daisies by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Don't Worry Daisies is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio, which I've shared with you step be step on my art blog today, and it occurred to me quite suddenly I have a solo art show next Friday in Fredericksburg, Texas! Not to mention a 3-day workshop that starts the day before. Time to start framing up these dozens and dozens of new paintings, and pick and choose who gets to go and who stays. Fortunately I've been on a bit of a painting spree for about four years now, so while there's plenty of new inventory, I also have to be careful to choose the paintings that are thoroughly dry.

Her majesty AnnieBee won't be joining me this year, since I will be spinning a few plates with the workshop happening at the same time as the show, and particularly since any time I am out of her sight for more than 2 seconds she lets out the infamous stuck pig squeal. This noise has been known to shatter double paned storm windows and cause every human within hearing distance to become absolutely convinced she is being treated improperly and her mama is most assuredly inflicting the worst kind of neglect imaginable on her little self. It's amusing until it happens in a beautiful gallery surrounded by the glitterati...! I hope you'll join me in Freddy-burg next week, stop in and say hello and eat something yummy and let's have a glass of wine together, or come on out for 3 days and paint pretty flowers with me. I'll save a seat for you. Just look for the gal with green paint on her pug apron.

You are invited!
Nancy Medina Solo Show
Friday Night Artwalk Featured Artist

July 6, 2012
5 pm to 8 pm
The Good Art Company Gallery
218 W Main Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78724

Step 1 - the underpainting

Step 2 - beginning the opaques

Step 3 - almost done but the belly buttons!

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Archie and Melissa said...

oh nancy!

i soooooo love this painting!

i want it for my new pug cave room! it would match my colors and theme perfectly! :)

i am so excited for your show!

i cannot wait to see photos and hear all about it!