Monday, June 4, 2012

Dinner Date Daisies and Sunflowers - A Step by Step Painting and Film Footage Flowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Dinner Date Daisies and Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Dinner Date Daisies and Sunflowers is the newest flower painting in the studio, and was painted while the hubby filmed! He was a real champ, zooming in and out, waiting quietly and patiently for hours while I dibbled and dabbled and talked. There were about 3 seconds when I forgot the camera was even rolling! Over the next few days Carlos is going to do the "film edit" and work on the release of my first painting video - exciting stuff! But then, the question I Must ask you - will you be bothered if you can hear a pug snoring in the background of my video? I just didn't have the heart to boot Howie off of the set. He looked so darn comfy on his new Kong ultra soft mattress, lying squarely with his bottom facing the fan and his chin propped on the bolster pillow (only the BEST for my uber spoiled pugs...). Here are some pictures of the painting step by step, and the big day in the studio under the bright lights! 

Hey you, daisy on the left, stand up straight, the camera's rolling!

Interview With a Daisy....

So, Miss Daisy, today was your first major movie, yes?

Miss Daisy, batting a petal and preening: Why yes, yes it was!

And Miss Daisy, would you say that it's all uphill from here?

Miss Daisy: Well I surely would, if I can stand this Texas heat that is!

Well Miss Daisy, since you mention it, have you had any, ahem, work done?

Miss Daisy: Absolutely not! That clear tube holding up my stem was purely for aesthetic purposes. I'll have you know I was born this perky!

Step 1 - the underpainting layer one

Step 2, beginning the sunflowers

Step 3, the focal point sunflower

 Step 4, the supporting cast appears!

 Sunflower: Hey, when's my

Daisies and sunflowers take a bow!

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