Monday, June 11, 2012

A Dallas Arboretum Chihuly Stroll and Blue Bliss Larkspur and Daisies by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Blue Bliss Larkspur and Daisies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

The art stars were aligned this month for my Dallas Arboretum flower painting workshop on June 9 - while my students and I painted California purple asters and daisies inside, the Chihuly glass exhibit was right outside our classroom windows! We took an early break to stand near the work of the master. I was careful to situate at least two layers of students between myself and the glassworks at all times, since I break at least one vase or bowl a week at home. 

I learned from one of the docents that it took several large donations and just the right timing to have the installation here in Dallas. I mentioned to our guide that the first thing I thought of during the Dallas hail storm last week was the exhibit. He assured me these sculptures were made of pretty thick glass, and Dale Chihuly had said that if any piece broke, he'd have another shipped out to replace it within three weeks! 

Chihuly works on one particular style over and over again, until he has almost a warehouse filled with that design, before he moves on to another subject. Suddenly my sunflower obsession has been vindicated! I immediately compared in my vivid and feverishly overactive imagination my closets of sunflower paintings to the warehouses filled with Chihuly repetitions and decided my obsessive compulsive sunflower disorder might not require massive medication or family intervention after all. The exhibit was so amazing, I drug the hubby back for Day 2 Sunday tour and even took some videos for you!

Get your comfy shoes on, grab your favorite camera and take a stroll with me through the Chihuly glass exhibit on my art blog today. Be sure to bring soda money, it's a hot one here in Big D this week!

Blue Bliss Larkspur and Daisies studio peek.

Got your comfy shoes and your camera ready? Let's go!

I loved these red reeds especially close up! Dale Chihuly said
if any work is damaged he can replace it within 3 weeks!

Blue Marlin and Turquoise Reeds in the mist.

I wonder what the koi thought of their new blue visitors!
Maybe the tallest installation - Icicle Tower! I was
tickled to watch a bird try over and over again
to land on one of these yellow spikes, each time
finding himself sliding down to the ground.
The entrance to the Women's Garden - drama!

I felt like a little ant under these uber sparklers!

The amateur photographer who took this was very proud....

What colors does Chihuly see when he dreams, I wonder?

Seemed appropriate she was having a sip of water
under the Aqua and Blue Chandelier!

Carnival Boat and Float Boat in the Women's Garden - the kids loved these!

The Dallas Star - our docent said Chihuly renamed
most of the pieces after they were installed.

I loved this one - it's called Frog Feet. Chihuly picked all the plants
that surrounded his works and matched them accordingly.
I love the infinity pool and waterfall, with White Rock Lake in the background
this is an entirely new area of the garden, just completed. Beautiful yes?

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Autumn Leaves said...

Your florals are always beautiful, Nancy. Thanks for sharing Chihuly's exhibit. I was truly amazed at how many of his pieces just mimic nature. The yellow tall piece looks much like a tree, the red/pink pieces much like flamingos, the blue in the water, like blue herons, the blue in the leaves, like blue bells or morning glories. The yellow/red pieces up on the poles by the women's garden? All I could think of was Medusa. And it was just as lovely in the blue/aqua (I'm thinking Ursula from one of the Disney movies underwater...) Glorious photos and thank you for sharing them.