Monday, May 28, 2012

Step by Step Sunflowers and Daisies and My First Painting Video by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Sunflower Daisy Divas by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Sunflower Daisy Divas was my first attempt at a painting demonstration on video today, courtesy of cameraman hubby and my four studio pugs who provided background snoring and snuffling sound effects. Hubby is working on the final movie edit, while all four pugs wonder anxiously who will end up on the cutting room floor, since I did insist that each of them be introduced and their specific studio roles and tasks explained. The loudest snoring award while mama was filming went to Howie (no surprise there, with his big ole gorilla nose), and the most determined to trip mama while she was doing a demo on camera award went to Cheesy Man Java, who decided dinner an hour early was important enough to interrupt any video in his house. (Java was our first pug, so, as I often tell him, technically in this house, we are ALL his guests....)

I've already seen the first clip of the painting demo video, and it was terrifying on a par with Jaws or the first Freddy Krueger movie, with a bright overhead light shining straight down on my face and the high def camera three inches from my nose. Rest assured I'll be exercising executive producer privileges to demand air brushing, my own hairdresser, and soft romantic lighting for Scene 2. (More wine my cherie amour?)

While we wait with bated breath to see what might be the first flower painting demo with a pug in it ever before produced on the Pug Planet, here's a little step by step of the sunflower demo we filmed today. Enjoy! Stay tuned to the bloggy for more on this developing news item, but to see sunflowers painted in the flesh, join me for my Summer Saturday Sunflower workshop on June 23! Read more...

Summer Saturday Sunflower Workshop
Nancy Medina
June 23, 2012
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts
Irving, Texas

Step one, nice and simple and loose!

Step two - establishing the focal point sunflower

The models take a bow!

Move trailer slash teaser....
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