Thursday, May 17, 2012

Purple Hearts Hydrangeas, Larkspur and Roses by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Purple Hearts Hydrangeas, Larkspur and Roses
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Purple Hearts Hydrangeas, Larkspur and Roses is drying on the easel, as work has begun on a top secret, very large container garden which is going to be a gift for someone very special. It's wonderful being party to great surprises for people I love, it's fun to build something step by step that you know is going to give someone joy.

One year a client contacted me in August to commission a sunflower painting for her husband. She needed it delivered months in advance for special framing, and then she had to find the perfect hiding place for it in their house where he would not accidentally stumble across it for four months! I think I was just as anxious as she was on Christmas morning to see his reaction, since she was famous for not being able to keep a secret from him. He was delighted and surprised, I wonder if more so because she had successfully kept the secret from him than he had received a gift he loved.

I think for me, my favorite surprise was my little AnnieBee. Her name was Angel when she came to me, a gift from a friend who knew I had just lost my Winnie Wiggles to encephalitis at the age of 7. I wasn't ready for another little four footed girl in my life, but Annie-Angel was the answer and the comfort I needed at a very sad time. She gives me smiles, joy, devotion and love every single day. She will always be a precious little gift. What is the best surprise you ever received? Annie and I would love to know!

Detail: Purple Hearts Hydrangeas

It's important to squeeze Annie at least a few times each day!

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