Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SOLD ~ A Day in Provence Sunflowers and a Dallas Arboretum Workshop by Flower Artist Nancy Medina

A Day in Provence Sunflowers
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Demo painting for my Dallas Arboretum Class

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A Day in Provence Sunflower Bouquet was the morning demo painting for my one-day workshop at the Dallas Arboretum. I had a very talented group of 13 students and we had the perfect day for painting, with sunshine streaming in the skylights. The Arboretum was abuzz with excitement and busloads of tourists coming through to see the spring blooms, but indoors our hearts and minds were all about painting flowers!

I had a completely full class, but we had more than enough of roses, hydrangeas, and sunflowers to paint, thanks to a productive shopping trip to Central Market *sound of harps* by the instructor the day before class. Plus the arrival of my new studio prized possession - Big Blue - my blue glass vase I ordered from Ebay for a bargain price! *trumpets* Thanks so much to Debra for pointing me in the right direction for that gem and giving me the courage to bid (something I hadn't really tried before!).

 My class was ready to see some painting happen!

 The paparazzi!


CrimsonLeaves said...

You have such a zest for life, Nancy, and it comes through your posts and definitely through your paintings. What a lucky class to have you for an instructor. Your work is consistently beautiful! So nice to see a guy in one of your classes too.

Nancy Medina said...

Thank you Sherry, I think the only thing that would have made it better is if you had been there with us!