Sunday, April 22, 2012

Painting Roses and Hydrangeas and a Flower Garden Tour of Coronado Island by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

My demo for my Coronado Solo Show

Joy in the Journey
Hydrangea & Rose Container Garden
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Joy in the Journey was my demo painting for my solo show on Saturday on Coronado Island near San Diego, California at Art and Frame by Wood Gallery. Thank you to everyone who came to the gallery to say hello - because of you, this was my most successful California art show ever, with new container garden paintings going to new homes! I was very excited to meet several gals who are interested in taking classes in San Diego, so as soon as I can track down a good location for hosting art classes, I will set up some dates and be on my way to the West Coast to teach. If you've got the place, I've got the paint - and I am always looking for an excellent reason to travel to my favorite place to visit and one of the best place for flowers in the country!

Here are some images from my solo show painting in the garden at the gallery. For all my fellow flower fanatics, this weekend I found out a new secret about pansies I had never heard before, not even from my lovely pansy pal on the East Coast, so I'll be sharing that with you soon. I also have a photo of the BIGGEST rose I have ever seen in my entire life. And that's a long time. I'll share that soon, too.

Today, I've posted a few photos from the garden of the second place award winning home during the annual Coronado Flower Show. This is the second place award winning home. So you can just imagine what the FIRST PLACE home looked like. And if you are wondering, I got photos of first place for you, too. I'll be sharing those images with you over the next few weeks, stay tuned to the blog!

Picking the flowers for my demo!

Is this a great spot to paint or what?

Started at 11 am, finished at 4:30 pm!

The Secret Garden - 2nd place Flower Show Winner for Coronado, CA

The fragrance was heavenly!

There was definitely a rabbit theme....

I'll be painting these soon!

What a lovely little garden guy!

Another garden interloper....

Here's the caretaker...


Autumn Leaves said...

A beautiful painting and gorgeous garden. I love the cement piece of the gardener. I can't believe it take you about 5 1/2 hours to done one large painting! It takes me days to finish a small watercolor (course I put it aside when I'm tired, when I don't know for sure what to do next and did I say when I'm tired???). I so look forward to hearing more, Nancy!

martinealison said...

Une publication magnifique... Tout est délicatesse, charme et remarquable. Votre peinture est sublime et je suis fascinée en l'admirant et tellement époustouflée en apprenant le temps que vous avez mis pour la réaliser.
Merci de partager l'ensemble de vos merveilleuses photos.
Gros bisous

Linda Rupard said...

Wow beautiful demo. Lucky you to get to go to a place where it looks like your flower paintings. Good luck with the workshop .