Monday, March 19, 2012

Once Upon a Time Geranium Oil Painting and a Successful Art Show

Once Upon a Time Geraniums
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


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Once Upon a Time Geraniums is my first dip back into the paints after a very eventful week at the Dallas Arboretum, setting up my tent, and holding an outdoor art show in the most beautiful gardens in North Texas. Artscape was held March 16-18, three full days, and was my most successful show ever! To everyone who came out to support me, a thousand thank yous. I put an envelope in the mailbox today to pay off our house. While all of those funds were not specifically from this show, a big portion of the proceeds helped. Talk about hard work making dreams come true!

Thanks also to those who were thinking positive thoughts for the weather to hold out - today the storms blew in, but the weekend was partly sunny, and nice and cool for our art event in the Pecan Grove. Over 60 original oil paintings went to new homes this week, and I was especially touched to read that one client bought her painting to give to a friend in the hospital.

I think the highlight of the show was meeting a little lady with beautiful red hair who has been an award winning flower painter for years who says she cannot wait to take my workshop. I promised her we are going to paint fast and loose and have fun. Life is too short to spend three hours painting a vase! I am a firm believer that painting should not feel like work.

I will be sharing lots of photos from the Dallas Arboretum Blooms Festival and Artscape with you over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! This journey has been a joy, because you have been with me every step of the way.

My art tent (ok - the picture with me in it was totally goofy!)

My heart was goin' pitty pat when I saw this tulip!


martinealison said...

Une publication telle un bonbon sucré... Comme j'aurais aimé être parmi vous...
gros bisous

Archie and Melissa said...

oh nancy!
i am so happy for you!
i have goosebumps from the magic you create and share with all of us.

Autumn Leaves said...

Congratulations on the wonderful sales, Nancy! What a tremendous weekend indeed. And to be able to pay off your house? I am just so excited for you both! That will never happen for us, I suspect. The geraniums you've painted are just dancing with joy!

Unknown said...

Thankyou my friend Martine and hugs from across the world to you talented lady!

Melissy Howie said to give RChee an extra pancake this morning.... :>

Crimson you are so right - there was a bit of joy in the brush last night!

Trudy R. Gomez said...

You touch many lives with the beauty of your work. Painting may not be hard work, but you dedicate many hours to your craft. So happy your efforts are paying off! Blessings, T

Unknown said...

Trudy it was wonderful to see you. I need you to give me fashion advice, you looked so cute!

KMac said...

I love my two new paintings. They are so beautiful! Congratulations on a successful show. I can't wait until the workshop. See you soon!