Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Early Bird Irises - Flower Painting by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Early Bird Irises by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Nancy Medina Web Site

Early Bird Irises is a new study in the studio this week, based on some early blooming irises from my garden today. The storms that blew through on Monday had pushed a few stalks of these lovely bloomers almost to the ground in my new iris beds, so I carefully selected a few and placed them in a vase with some greenery. I hope these beauties last a few days, they'll be the perfect models for my large iris commission this week.

I got a little frustrated and almost wiped this painting off the canvas earlier. But the one iris with a white belly appealed for reconsideration, and I decided to salvage what had become a bit muddy by laying in a light background to try to brighten things up a bit and provide some contrast and temperature variation. One of the happy accidents were the interesting negative shapes that emerged!

Early Bird Irises studio peek
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