Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blue Blossom Hydrangeas and Oranges and Some Happy News in the Studio

Blue Blossoms Hydrangeas and Oranges
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
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Blue Blossom Hydrangeas is the newest painting in the studio, and was an excuse to paint some yummy oranges, too! Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes for my foster pug Hannah, her dental surgery went very well this afternoon. I spent all day worrying my special needs girl would not survive the surgery - she has a paralyzed larynx, but the doctors at the Vet Dental Clinic were wonderful. Miss Hannah has had three meals since she got home tonight, and is already almost back to her normal little froggy self (although she mentioned a fourth meal might be nice!).

More good news, I received word that Walk with Me Tulips and Serenity Garden Poppies were both accepted into the Dallas Arboretum Garden Gallery juried show for 2012. The show coordinators said they received more entries this year than ever before, so I'm incredibly honored to have two of my three paintings selected! Serenity Garden was picked as a "special" jury selection. I'm not sure yet what that means, but it sounds cool so I'll have to mention it to mom tomorrow when Studio Director AnnieBee and I drive out to the farm to see her. Here are some flowers from the Dallas Arboretum today, I took these with my IPhone so please excuse a bit of the oversaturation on the color!

Blue Blossom studio models take a bow

Ah daffodils!

The pinks were!

I fell in love with daffodils today

Hannah - my foster baby


Autumn Leaves said...

Yay for Hannah!!! The hydrangeas are so beautiful and you've wonderfully captured the reason I like the blues the best...with the rise of some violets and greens in the petals. Congratulations on the entry to the show, Nancy!

Archie and Melissa said...

yay hannah banana!

she is a special girl and so lucky to have all of you!

congratulations nancy!
i am so excited to see your two paintings and this new one is beyond gorgeous!


Unknown said...

Thank you Crimson and Melissy - my little fatty girl is doing so well today. We are definitely celebrating!