Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to Back Sunflower Painting by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Back to Back Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Nancy Medina Web Site

Back to Back Sunflowers is a new small study I completed after returning home from Kroger today with two bunches of bright sunflowers. After putting away the essentials, I raced to the studio for my favorite blue flowered vase and gave these new residents a nice cold drink of water. Stay tuned, my intuition tells me you'll be seeing some more sunflowers blooming in Flower Mound studio soon! Today our red rose arbor was filled with new flowers and buds, and our new iris beds were full of white, blue, and purple irises. The pansies made an encore appearance, and the trumpet vines were also blooming. Where on earth were all the birds, I wonder? Maybe the birds are a bit smarter than the plants, and know it's a bit early for all this blooming. Are you getting any bird activity in your area?

The studio models take a bow!


Autumn Leaves said...

Birds singing en masse this early a.m. here, Nancy. I'm just enjoying see all the trees sprout teeny leaves. In two months they will already be looking old and tired. I haven't seen too many flowers yet, just daffodils and whatever is blooming on the trees. Love the big and bold sunflowers!!

martinealison said...

Depuis quelques jours je suis admirative de la parade des oiseaux... Que ce soit les pies ou tous nos autres charmants petits oiseaux, ils sont tous affairés... Les nids se construisent sans relâche, pas besoin d'autorisation communale !!!...
Une autre belle peinture vient de naître... Des tournesols splendides ! Un hymne aux beaux jours...
Gros bisous.

Carol Reynolds said...

Living in Hawaii there is always something in bloom, but sometimes I really miss the Mainland's flowers not found here. Always enjoy your excellent work, Nancy; especially your gorgeous sunflowers.

Unknown said...

Crimson I'm glad you're getting the birds - I'm waiting for a few birds who come back every year, and just haven't seen them yet.

Ode à la journées ensoleillées - ce un titre grand tableau qui ferait Martine! Quelques oiseaux plus fait une apparition aujourd'hui, donc je suis un espoir pour tous mes favoris. Envoi de couleur et de soleil à travers le monde pour vous! câlins!

Carol I bet you have a lot of tropicals that we don't see as much here on the mainland - enjoy the surf and breeze for me!