Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wild Daisies of Carmel by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Wild Daisies of Carmel
by Nancy Medina

Palette Knife/Oil on Linen Board


Nancy Medina Web Site

Wild Daisies of Carmel, California, is based on the beautiful flowers that grew outside a small shopping center in town. I loved how the daisies had bed head, messy, sticky little petals that flew in the wind this way and that. If flowers grew like this in Texas, I'd be painting outdoors every single day! Here are the flowers that inspired this painting, below. Enjoy!

The daisy inspiration from
my trip to Carmel, CA

A little daisy with bed head....


Anonymous said...

Love the whimsy of the "bedhead" daisies, Nancy. Beautiful and oh so soft palette just highlights their beauty!

Elizabeth Frazier said...

"bedhead daisies"... love it! Beautiful work here, as always!