Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stolen Moments Sunflowers and Lilacs by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Stolen Moments Sunflowers and Lilacs
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery wrap Canvas
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Stolen Moments Sunflowers and Lilacs is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio, and ended a long day of painting yesterday. Today, after letting it rest overnight, I brightened up the yellow petals of the sunflowers, and made the peachy oranges of the cantaloupe more intense. This was my first black vase and I used ivory black, with a smear of Gamblin gray medium, with a light blue-white highlight at the end.

I also tried a different background approach, laying in a thick layer of viridian green mixed with transparent oxide red. I did not wipe that thick layer, but pulled all my colors directly out of that dark wet background. Believe it or not, I used light green paint for the sunflower petals. When the muted greens were laid on the wet trans ox red, a lovely warm yellow emerged. What a fun experiment this turned out to be!

I had to take several breaks away from the canvas to play with the Studio Director, who acquired two new toys today. It's the perfect reason to step away from the work and get a different perspective on it before it's finished. Nothing like stepping over the varied pieces of a stuffed yellow ducky to keep a painter on her toes....nodp

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