Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple Joys Sunflowers and Larkspur by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Simple Joys Sunflowers and Larkspur
by Nancy Medina
Palette Knife/Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Simple Joys Sunflowers and Larkspur is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio today, and celebrates a bit of happiness in my home. When I get tired or discouraged, I find little things to give me something to look forward to. I love making my first cup of tea in the morning, adding creme and sugar, and that first warm sip. I love the ritual of waking up the puggies, giving each of them a kiss and telling them how much I adore them and asking if they are ready for breakfast. (The answer, as you can imagine, is always a resounding YES!). I love turning on my book on tape when I get in the car for the morning commute. If I try, I can find over a dozen little joys that make up each day. When times are hard or I am sad, I use each of them like stepping stones to make my way through. I hope you have a simple happiness in your life each day, something that keeps you strong on your journey. If you don't, I highly recommend getting a pug or three.... These little fatties always make me laugh.


martinealison said...

Une publication pleine de bonne humeur... Cela fait du bien...
Cette peinture ma chère Nancy témoigne de votre état d'âme... Joyeuse et lumineuse...
Gros bisous à vous et à vos amours!

Autumn Leaves said...

Such gorgeous flowers, and a wonderful painting, Nancy. I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling a tad touch of the blues but am just as glad to know you can find your happy moments throughout each day. Hoping today brings you more joy than ever.

Martha Kisling said...

Hi Nancy - I love the idea of simple joys to cheer us all up and your paintings always do that for me - love them all!