Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild at Heart Poppy Fields Painting and My Most Embarrassing Moment by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Wild at Heart Poppy Fields
Part 1 of 3
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Nancy Medina Web Site

Wild at Heart Poppy Fields is a new 3-part painting blooming in Flower Mound Studio this evening. It is a Christmas commission for a Dallas family that is almost complete. What a great excuse to continue my recent infatuation with red! Sometimes I feel very guilty about being paid to paint flowers. Imagine being paid to do something you love doing. It's one of the reasons that even teaching my first large art class at the Dallas Arboretum, I wasn't a bit nervous. Me, the gal who had stage fright all her life! I used to sit as small and still as possible in class praying the teacher would not call on me, and no one would notice I was there! Now, however, put a paint brush in my hand, and a canvas in front of me, and just step out of the way lest I splatter a bit of blue on your shoe, swinging my arms and exclaiming with joy.

When I say this is unusual for me, I need to tell you the backup story to put it all in perspective. When I graduated from high school, I was the salutatorian of the my class, and required to give a speech. I was told by the senior advisor to give my speech to the principal before graduation, and he would make sure it was on the podium. I did. And you can imagine what happened next. I remember staring out at a sea of faces, hundreds of faces, my family from St. Louis, my church youth group and pastor, and having nothing but a bare podium in front of me. Everything, every word of my speech had flown out of my mind. Ever since that night, I have had a morbid fear of public speaking. It was the last class I took to graduate College, and I took it as a summer course so it would only last four weeks. I'm not sure why painting takes away my fear. Maybe it is because I am following my bliss, to quote a very, very wise soul.

Two parts of the three part painting under construction


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous dancing poppies! It looks as though a storm is moving in. You've captured that perfect light before a storm that seems to really bring out the beautiful colors in nature.

Unknown said...

Thank you Bohemian! I am having fun with these...!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Good morning Auntie Nancy
We are enjoying a little time this morning- coming over to visit and look to see what your magic paintbrush has painted.
When ever we come to see the beauty and read your words.. our hearts always feel so happy.
These poppies in their field are amazing,,,"splendorious"!
defination of splendorious:
something so beautiful, there are no words to describe.