Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Little Man ~ Rooster Painting and Growing Up on an Organic Farm by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Little Man ~ Rooster by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Little Man ~ Rooster, is a new painting drying on the easel in Flower Mound Studio. I've been wanting to paint chickens for weeks, they are as colorful as flowers and just as unpredictable. We had fresh eggs from the chickens we raised growing up. My Dad named our little farm The Briar Patch and each of us girls was assigned certain chores, and each had a different animal to take care of. The chickens lived in a little A-framed coop surrounded (aptly) by a pen of chicken wire. Every morning we would gather warm brown eggs from the coop, they were large and sometimes there would be double yolkers. The egg yolks were a deep yellow color, nothing like the watery yellow of store-bought eggs. I'd like to tell you that life on the farm was glamorous and chickens were cuddly, but neither of those statements were true. What was true was that I would not change my childhood for anything, growing up out in the country, away from the city, was a beautiful way to develop imagination and wonder. Most of all, it was a great way to learn to love nature and the creatures of this earth. I am thankful for that time in my life, it was so unspoiled. The pugs and I wish every one of you a happy Thanksgiving holiday. I am thankful for your friendship and for the comments and thoughts you share. I hope you have loved ones nearby today!


Unknown said...

Nice to meet you Nancy. Thankyou for adding me on Google+
I love your work especially the flowers.
No chicken are not cuddly buy what a great painting of the Rooster.

martinealison said...

Une magnifique fleur que ce jeune coq, si fier de se pavaner et de déployer ses couleurs... Je vous comprends lorsque vous décrivez le bonheur que vous avez eu de vivre à la campagne...
Je vous envoie plein de bisous

BrandNewStudio said...

Wonderful Works
Thank you for sharing

Unknown said...

Thank you Doreen - happy to connect with you on Google Plus - what a great place!

Cher Martine, je vous remercie beaucoup, et meilleurs vœux à vous-nous célébrons aujourd'hui dans la reconnaissance des Etats-Unis, et je suis reconnaissante d'avoir un ami comme vous à travers le monde! l'amour et de câlins

Thank you BrandNewStudio!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Theresa Paden said...

I love your rooster painting and hope you will do more! Also enjoyed hearing about your childhood. You are so right about the difference between farm fresh eggs and store bought!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Happee Thanksgiving
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

I always wished I'd grown up on a farm, Nancy, so am delighted to hear of your Briar Patch and know that it was for you as I dreamed it would have been for me. The Little Man is one gorgeous "cock-o'the-walk", strutting his stuff as all roosters do. That sunflower painting below is stunning and I do think it will look magnificent over that mantle!

Unknown said...

Thank you little Tweedley, happy thanksgiving to you and your sweet mamas!

Theresa if they ever invent store bought eggs that taste like farm fresh, I will be one happy camper, won't you? : )

Happy howlidays little Benny and Lily! Hugs to you both!

Bohemian I loved growing up on the farm, but there were times it felt very isolated. Thank goodness for books and animals, they filled my days!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh my gosh.. this is fantastic!
Oh we love chickys and roosters!

Elizabeth Blaylock said...


Pat Thacker said...

Hi Nancy
I'm coming byway of G+ and I am enjoying your work,I'm a country girl too and I totally loved it and miss it.I'll be back to visit,I enjoyed reading about you growing up!