Saturday, November 5, 2011

Darling Diva Sunflowers by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Darling Diva Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board

Nancy Medina Web Site

Darling Diva Sunflowers is a new painting completed during a workshop in Flower Mound Studio. I made a special trip to my fav new flower store, Central Market (sound of trumpets), and came home with precious blossoms. The nice cheeses, the special organic chicken, the fresh loaf of bread, all meant so little compared to the wonderful flowers I held carefully in my lap all the way home. This trip I found rose hips, white hydrangeas, crisp decorative greenery, and some nice shaggy sunflowers. I'm spritzing my new blossoms like crazy to keep them fresh as long as possible, so stay tuned for new paintings right here in the next few days!


Anonymous said...

Spritzing and fresh...perfect words to describe the same feeling in this gorgeous piece, Nancy. I wish I knew where all your energy comes from. I'd love to tap into it!

martinealison said...

En France ce weekend nous avons eu beaucoup de pluie +++. Pour beaucoup dans certaines régions ils avaient leurs maisons inondées.
Votre peinture est un merveilleux rayon de soleil...
Très joli travail.
gros bisous

Kathy Cousart said...

Beautiful fun painting. I can just imagine you protecting those flowers to get them home! I do the same thing. Look forward to more:)

Unknown said...

Bohemian, I owe it all to caffeine. :)

J'espère que vous n'avez pas d'inondations à votre domicile! Je suis si heureux de ces fleurs vous a apporté un peu de soleil, nous sommes prêts pour l'hiver ici à Dallas! Envoi salutations chaleureuses à vous à travers le monde mon ami!

Thank you Kathy, yes I was like a protective mother hen!