Monday, October 10, 2011

Hydrangea Container Garden Oil Painting Step by Step by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Hydrangea Container Garden in Progress
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Nancy Medina Web Site

One of the benefits of teaching a flower painting class is when the surviving studio models decide to hitch a ride home with the teacher. These blossoms are taking up residence in my studio after spending the day being painted at the Dallas Arboretum last weekend by my enthusiastic students. I started my class there on Saturday morning with two demos, one of sunflowers and white daisies, and the last one a 30 minute painting of two hydrangeas side by side, one blue, one purple.

In my studio last night, I decided I wanted to paint them all together in one large container garden painting, but I needed just the right size shelf for my setup. My still life stand was too high, my rolling work table was too low, but my desk was just right! Here are a few photos showing how the sausage is made, along with my painting in progress. I'll post the finished painting for you tonight, so stay tuned!

Instead of hold music while you're waiting, here is a photo of Studio Director Action Annie (accessories sold separately).

I had to scooch over all my desk accoutrements
to make room for the hydrangea models.

There was no way I could let these blossoms
go to waste. I had to paint them together.

I don't have all day, mom!!!


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