Monday, October 3, 2011

Calliope White Poppy Painting and AnnieBee Does Fredericksburg by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Calliope White Poppy by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Calliope White Poppy is a new painting in Flower Mound Studio this week, while the studio director rests following her whirlwind tour of Fredericksburg, Texas. AnnieBee accompanied me to The Good Art Company Gallery last weekend to deliver more than a dozen new paintings. She is much in demand at these events, and everyone lines up to have their photograph taken with her (evidence below).

There were some tearful moments when she discovered Studio Dog Bob was unavailable for the much anticipated tryst, but she soon overcame her sorrow thanks to a trip to the Cookie Bar at her fav boutique, Dogologie (evidence below). After emptying the bottom shelves of the cookie bar, AnnieBee glued herself to her shopping bag, which dangled just above her nose for the excruciatingly long 2 minute walk to her limousine.

The ride home was all that she hoped for, with five iced cookies in her fav colors, and a nice chewy tendon to keep her preoccupied in between a busy four hours massacreing new toy squeakers. With the exception of not getting to bump noses with Bob, this was just about the most satisfactory trip she said she has ever taken to Freddyburg.

Elsie, AnnieBee and her mom, and Mary Katherine at GAC

Annie wonders if they have larger bags.

Anticipation is way, way over-rated.


Julia Kulish said...

oohh - love this one!!!

Anonymous said...

Good golly! Look at AnnieBelly's big ol' grin in that last photo!! Love this gorgeous close up view of the poppy, Nancy!

Unknown said...

Thankyou Julia!

Doesn't Annie have a great smile? I think she has a really expressive face. Or as her brother would say, she can be very bossy! :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Gosh the poppy is "splendorious!"
Such a beauty.
I love to see Annie Bee so happy!
And I bet her mouth was happy too when she got all done smacking her lips!

Linda said...

This painting is a beauty Nancy, I just adore it.

Love the photos at the Gallery. AnnieBee is milking it for all she's worth, isn't she!!

Great post, full of fun.