Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hope in a Jar Sunflowers and Larkspur by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Hope in a Jar Sunflowers & Larkspur
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board

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Hope in a Jar Sunflowers and Larkspur is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio and is dedicated to all the very brave gals I know who are fighting and who have survived cancer. I had some scary results from a routine mammogram last week, and was called in for an ultrasound. The doctor found a very tiny spot in my left breast. As she stood over me pointing to the screen, showing me the "shadow" this tiny spot cast (a bad sign, she said), my whole body shook and my teeth chattered. I could hardly get the questions out. When I got outside, I sat alone in my car and sobbed. I turned my head away from the window, so people walking by would hopefully not see me. Then I pulled myself together and stopped crying. I thought about some incredible ladies I know who have survived very real battles with cancer. They've fought it bravely and with class and grace. They have faced much more than the small challenge right now that I am facing.

With mom's health being so poor lately, I did not want her to find out. I hope that her first knowledge of this will be when I tell her I have received the biopsy results, and the tiny mass was nothing at all to worry about. While I'm waiting for that, I will think of Susan, Roxanne, Sue, Beth, and Melanie. Just thinking of them makes me feel much braver, though I am probably the world's worst patient, the biggest worry wart, and the kind of person who drives doctors to drink with second guessing and endless questions. For now, I'm waiting on a phone call. Part of me wishes it would come, the other dreads it. Fortunately, there are many distractions, four of whom are quite demanding about fetch, food and tummy rubs!

A peek at my very patient studio models


Tiffy said...

Hi Auntie Nancy! I'm sending a big hug your way. I had no idea you were dealing with such difficult stuff these days so please let me know if I can help. You know what a good snuggler I am and sometimes you just need to snuggle to feel better. Stay strong and keep those puggies in line!


Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you wait for that phone call. No matter what is said, I know that your strength will stand you well and that you will get through this. I send you big hugs and a thank you for the beautiful sunflowers and larkspur. I love the little jar! Keep the faith, my friend.

Martha Kisling said...

Nancy - so sorry you are having to go through something like this - sending positive thoughts your way!

Filomena Booth said...

Nancy, I am keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers. I know that with God, all things are possible...and He has good things in store for you.

Unknown said...

Thank you sweet TiffyTippyToes, I miss you little girl!

Thank you so much Sherry. That really means a lot to me, you have no idea how much. You are so dear.

Thank you Martha! I sure appreciate you!!!!

Fil I think you are absolutely right. I'm so excited we are sharing an agent now. : )

Unknown said...

Thinking of you Nancy - stay strong! I know you will kick this thing.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Nancy,

I really hate the whole mammogram thing, I seem to get called back a lot too. I had to have an ultrasound one time...turned out to be nothing.

You know, keep that in mind, most of the lumps biopsied are just that, nothing at all, they are benign. I know someone who has had to have have several biopsies and the results were never ever serious. My mamo technition also has had several biopsies , she was telling me this a few years ago....all were harmless and benign. I hope your doctor did remind you of the odds, not just scare you. I know it is rough waiting but keep positive thoughts and remember....this things are most of the time, simply harmless.

Hugs to you.


Unknown said...

Thank you Judy, coming from you that is high praise, you are one of the strongest and bravest ladies I know! And I'm not just saying that because of the donuts you brought to my house that time. : )

Ruth that is good to know. Thank you - someday this type of painful testing will be obsolete! They would have come up with a painless alternative sooner if it were happening to men. ; )

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Love your honesty & bright spirit. I am a survivor also & know those feelings well. Praying for you & I know first hand prayer works. Insist on only hearing positive experiences, keep sharing honestly & allow others to support & help you. I have to say what a GIFT my experience has been in reminding me there are no guarantees in life and to treasure, make the most of and love to the fullest every single moment of my life. You are being watched over - what a beautiful soul you are. God bless you.

Lisa said...

I had the same thing happen and went for my Ulta sound alone. I was so scared.It turned out to be a swollen gland. Thank God.
Your in my thoughts and in my Prayers.
and I know its hard to stay strong .
I know I will need to be retested at some point.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Auntie Nancy
Thank you for sharing your heart with us.
We are all family and care for each other.
I am sending my bubbles to swirl around you so that you feel our love.
We are keeping you and your mom in our thoughts and prayers.
If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know
We love you, and we love the Hope in Jar Sunflowers and Larkspur

Grace said...

Nancy, My prayer is that it is only an overworked benign swollen gland and all our prayers will lay God's hands on that area that needs healing because He is the true healer. Keep your beautiful positive attitude there are so many friends and family and pugs that are cheering for you. Love Grace

Archie and Melissa said...

i am sending you huge hugs nancy!
i hate waiting for results.
you are right, distraction with fun things is the best way to make time fly by without worry.
i am always here for you!
i love you!