Monday, September 12, 2011

Azure and Pink Larkspur and Hydrangeas by Texas Flower Artist Nancy Medina

Azure and Pink Larkspur and Hydrangeas
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Azure and Pink Larkspur and Hydrangeas is the newest painting in the studio, and likely would not have been possible if I hadn't learned some great tips on how to keep hydrangeas fresh. The gal at the supermarket who works in the flower department (yes, the one who gets a big grin on her face every time I enter the store), told me some very common sense ways to keep hydrangeas fresh.

She said they are based on the word "hydrate," thus they love water - she said to spritz them with water a few times a day. I noticed as I was browsing her lovely selection that her best bouquets were in the back in a refrigerated section of shelving. So last night, before I went to bed, I nestled my pink hydrangeas right next to the iced tea inside the fridge. This morning they were fresh as daisies! With all these cool tips, maybe they will last me a whole week! Just think of all the paintings I can do if they hang on that long. Then these $8 per flower beauties may actually earn their keep, instead of fading away much too soon.

A studio peek at the models as they pose

Keep them refrigerated overnight!

Spritz your hydrangeas with cool water!
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