Friday, June 3, 2011

Naples Garden Sunflowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Naples Garden Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Naples Garden is a partner to an earlier sunflower, Fly Sunflowerscape. These two were so fun to paint, I am creating a bigger version on two new canvases I prepped today. While I was spending three hours gessoing these canvases, I had a moment wishing I had a band of elves to prep my canvases, change out my turpenoid, and wash my brushes. The truth is, I love every part of making art, the shipping, the packing, and even vacuuming the pug hair out of the studio. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing. I hope you have a great weekend planned, and something you love to do on your agenda, with a few little four footed helpers along for the journey.

Sunflower Diptych


AutumnLeaves said...

These two next to each other are simply magnificent!!! And for that Howie, "I'm leaving on a jet plane..." (Oh do I wish. I could use a Howie cuddle.)

Ruth Welter said...

Nancy, this is a fabulous diptych. It will be stunning in someones home. I love multi canvas paintings, to me, they are a form of sculpture for the wall. I think it gives canvases a whole new dimention.

Funny, you were talking about loving every aspect of the painting process. I have to say, I of my favorite parts of the process is actually naming my paintings, I seem to take great pleasure in that part of it. For me, it is something I relish, like adding icing to a finished cake. It tells me my work is now complete and I'm ready to move onto the next adventure.

Have a great weekend Nancy...