Monday, June 27, 2011

Earthly Delights Red Tulips and My New Hydrangea and Iris Beds

Earthly Delights Red Tulips by Nancy Medina


Oil on Canvas Board

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Earthly Delights is a new red tulip painting drying on the easel, following an event-filled day here in Flower Mound Studio. The landscapers arrived at 8 am sharp to install our new hydrangea beds, and mortar a beautiful border around all of our yard. They are installing a rose trellis and red climbing roses, a new hydrangea tree (my favorite!), two new crepe myrtles and various other colorful new additions to the flower family here.

Imagine the shock, however, when AnnieBee discovered that the doggy door had been barricaded, thus preventing her essential service as a vocal supervisor for important back yard construction activities. Not only was she prevented from this duty, she was not informed in advance that she would be barred from such activities, so she has filed a formal complaint with an investigatory body, the members of which are yet to be appointed. Howard Pee Pugpants decided to take advantage of inspection duties later in the evening, after the workers had left the scene. At this point, he promptly rolled in the manure enriched soil beds for half an hour, until his mother discovered, to her horror, he was eating the manure enriched soil, claiming a lack of minerals in his diet. Howard and Annie both are now on indoor restrictions until a time as yet to be determined.

Our new hydrangea and iris beds under construction!
I love the beautiful chop block and the double tiered border.

Annie decided the construction work had to be
faulty, since she was barred from supervising it.


AutumnLeaves said...

Beautiful and bright tulips! But I really adore hearing about the Puggles in your life. Especially guess who? Howie Howie Howie...I shall have to abstain from your kisses for a day or two. Unless you brush your teeth.

Ruth Welter said...

Love the new painting Nancy. Ha ha...I can just imagine your little guy eating the dirt. That is so funny. Hello to all your little pugs from me.


Nancy Medina said...

Sherry, Howie has manure breath today, although he does get his teeth brushed every few days, really, someday I must post about his tooth brushing event for you. xo

Thank you Ruth! I am sure your babies are MUCH better behaved than mine. I bet they even line up and politely hand you brushes in between your art projects! xo

Trudy R. Gomez said...

Love the fourth of July coloring in this piece. I think I like your doggy stories as much as your painting - no, but close ;)

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Very nice, Nancy!

Egretta Wells blog said...

You painting is so colorful and effortless-looking..not fussy and overworked like some of mine are!! Love it. Also think your pugs are adorable, but really would have like to see how they would have supervised! Kiss the workmen to death, I'd say....

Archie and Melissa said...

LOL Nancy!
your puggies are very very busy!
do they have their little noses squished up against the galass windows snoopervising?
your new flower beds are works of art!
i just love them and cannot wait to see them in full bloom!

Julia Kulish said...


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Nancy,

Well, a tidbit about my little Dudley...he believes in recycling,.... his own poop that is. All is well on a walk when I'm there to clean up after him but if he has an accident in the house, he gets his recycling cap on and proceeds to eat up his mess, I'm guessing this is done so that I will not find out about it.

I've tried to tell him many times though, that with a long white beard, his dirty deed is impossible to hide. : )



Linda said...

This newest painting is gorgeous, with such vibrant reds. I have enjoyed your garden story, and the world according to pugs.....very funny indeed. We have seven dogs at present [all working dogs], but I must admit to thinking of them as 'extended family'. Just love a dog with attitude!! Hope the plants do well.

Marie Theron said...

These are such delightful works, once again, Nancy!I also note that the outpouring of interesting names continues!