Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carmel Glow Sunflowers and a Cottage Tour

Carmel Glow Sunflowers by Nancy Medina
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Carmel Glow is based on a beautiful vase I spotted in one of the shop windows in Carmel, California, last week. It was nestled between many other colorful vases whose prices I dared not even peek at. Fortunately, I had my Canon handy to memorialize it as a studio model! Someday I am sure some alert shopkeeper is going to ask me to stop photographing their wares, but so far they seem to take my shutterbug tendencies in stride.

Here are a few of the cottage stores that were very close to our hotel in Carmel. I also had to toss in a flower photo for you! Enjoy!

I love the salmon colored stucco on
this beautiful little store!

The Tea Rose had a shop window filled
with fine china and rose patterns.

Cottage Sweets was so charming, even with
the trash can still perched out front in the early a.m.

A perfect spot for a romantic interlude,
or maybe just a really yummy pastry....

I have been known to block traffic
in order to photograph white irises....
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