Saturday, May 28, 2011

Splash Geraniums by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Splash Geraniums by Nancy Medina


Palette Knife/Oil on Linen Board

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Splash is a tribute to my beautiful niece, Robin, who graduated from high school last night. She is the only baby in our family, so this was a real celebration. I don't think I've ever been so proud in my whole life! Robin is such a level headed young lady, and has already got her sights on College, with the next four years mapped out. The first two years she'll attend school near home, then the second two years she'll stay with Carlos and I and attend North Texas State University (which happens to have a great band program). She wants to become a pharmacist, or work in the biochemistry field. Can you imagine? Where did all those brains come from?

I sat by mom last night during the graduation ceremony and had such a great time joking with mom and listening to her decide which portions of the program could be cut short, and which parts should have been on the big screen longer. There is no event in our lives that is not accompanied by laughter. That's the legacy I hope my niece will have with her for the rest of her life, as she has made her big splash into the next chapter!

My niece and my mom, what a happy day!


Jean Levert Hood said...

What a wonderful story, Nancy! And how great to see your Mom doing so well!! I love the critiquing by her!!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Nancy, many congratulations to your neice..she sounds like a smart cookie. Wish I was a fraction so organized and "together" when I was her age.

Love your geraniums, just planted some of my own outside today. Mine however, will die before winter, while yours will last forever.

Thanks Nancy, glad you like Celebrations Gallery, it is such a beautiful place.

Have a good holiday.


Ps. I didn't do the beading on that necklace, it was a collaboration between me and a jewelry artist. I painted the puzzle tulip pendant and she did the beading and made it into the lovely necklace it became.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Auntie Nancy
Gosh, the Splash Geraniums are so gorgeous!
What a beautiful post about your wonderful neice! Oh yes,, you are so proud of her, and should be.
I am so happy your mom was able to attend the graduation,,,
More memories for all of you,,
and those are the most precious memories of all- memories shared with moms.

Virginia Floyd said...

Loved you story about your niece and mom. I know she is proud of her granddaughter.

I love your geranium painting. I'm trying to learn to paint flowers, and I come to your blog to study how do things.

A New England Life said...

What a beautiful tribute to Robin. Who by the way looks all of 13!

She is definitely a smart girl and will save a ton of money living at home and with you and Carlos. Good for her!

Dianne said...

My favorite flower is the geranium and my favorite color is red. I just LOVE this painting!!!!!!It is so beautiful!

Also.... the eyes give you beautiful girls away!!! You can tell you are all related. Love the twinkling eyes and love the laughter. Congrats! to you niece.

So glad to also hear that she has such a great head on her shoulders!!! Why are boys so different? My son is brilliant sometimes, but on other occasions I just want to box his ears! LOL