Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nathan Blooms Sunflower -Auction to Benefit a Rescue Pug

Nathan Blooms Sunflower

by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

Nathan Blooms Sunflower is a new painting I am auctioning off this weekend with all proceeds to benefit Nathan, a puppy mill rescue pug who was rushed to emergency last weekend for severe pneumonia. Nathan, age 4, is in critical need of funds to pay for a surgery to implant a stent in his breathing passage. Nathan's surgeries and his stay this week in an oxygen cage in our specialty clinic has cost Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue thousands. Nathan is a beautiful little pug and did not deserve the start in life that fate dealt to him.

Dr. Thompson said that Nathan is doing better today, and can stay out of the oxygen cage for brief periods of time as long as he remains calm. You can read more about Nathan and make a donation for for him at:

Photos of Nathan courtesy of


Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh my gosh,, poor Nathan,,,, sweet little puggy looks so sad because he is sick,..
i hope lots of monies are raised to help him.
The sunflower painting is so gorgeous

AutumnLeaves said...

Poor little guy. I wish I could bid, Nancy.