Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Faith Sunflower and a Tribute to Kimmy

A Little Faith Sunflower
by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board

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A Little Faith Sunflower is the newest painting in the studio, on a dark and stormy night in Flower Mound, Texas. A Little Faith Sunflower is named in honor of my oldest sister, Kim, who received results today from the pathologist that her breast biopsy was benign. My sister has been a Christian all of her life, and her church calls her "The Knee" since she has a gift of prayer. Kimmy is one of those rare, kind souls whose heart has never had a cruel, selfish thought, even when she was a child. Kim had some learning challenges when we were growing up, but she has grown into a someone with common sense and an infinite gentleness toward everyone around her. I am not quite sure how on earth I deserve someone as good as Kimmy in my life, paving the way ahead for me all these years. She will always be my big sister and the person I admire most.

Kim and my husband, Carlos
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