Monday, May 23, 2011

Bright Horizons Sunflowers by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Bright Horizons Sunflowers
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
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It's been a busy week already, with three paintings packaged to ship, two paintings going to Australia, and one puggy coming home from the hospital today, doing better, thank goodness. Howard Pee Pugpants had a slight flareup of his pancreatitis, so first thing this morning he was whisked to the hospital for some IV fluids and for something he especially enjoys, attention from all the ladies there. Today was shadowing day at the vet, so students who wanted to learn more about becoming veterinarians were on hand to meet Mister Popularity at Main Street Vet in Flower Mound. Tonight my bad boy is home and safely snoring in dad's lap. And we are all breathing a sigh of relief. I hope wherever you are, you are safe and healthy, with your loved ones nearby.

Howard Pee Pugpants at the vet with his groupies

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AutumnLeaves said...

I'd be shouldering those girls aside to get to my Howie, my boyfriend. I am so glad to hear he is feeling better, Nancy. The sunflowers, as you always do, are just magnificent and oh so glorious!