Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Hope Pink Poppies and Some Painterly Ladies at Artscape

Spring Hope Pink Poppies
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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You never know who you are going to bump into at the Dallas Arboretum!
These are my painty pals, Angela Elledge and Ann Rogers who joined me on March 18 for my Artscape show at the Arboretum. We are members of the Some Texas Artists Like to Paint blog, and occasionally we go out to lunch and solve the art problems of the world together. I wish I looked as elegant as Angela does in her red hat! Our theme for the Texas blog this month is tools and I already know what I am going to paint!!!

I love the Dallas Aboretum as a venue for an art show. Look at the beautiful space! This is my new light dome tent. It worked really well, even without snowfall to put it to the test this year.

I felt a bit like a peeping tom, getting a look at the inside of this beautiful tulip. This bed of lovelies was right next to our art tents. The morning dew was beautiful, like diamonds.

Of course I went running over to get pictures of the purple pansies as soon as I saw them by the DeGolyer House. I do love pansies!

These flowers were in a container, and came in all colors. Do you know what they are called? I don't, but I wish I did. Very paintable!


A New England Life said...

I do believe they may be Ranunculus in the final photo. Love those flowers though I don't have any in my garden. They are quite popular on photo blogs.

Lovin' all the photos! You had quite a set up there. Hopefully when you left there wasn't much to take with you besides the tent : )

Joan said...

Your poppies are beautiful, Nancy. Can't wait for the flowers to start bloomin' over here.
Happy Weekend.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Do you know how much I ove poppies?
ZILLIONS of times.. and you paint them so beautifully. Such a beautiful painting Auntie Nancy.
And it is a treat to see your friends standing with you.
I recognize Angelina,, because she painted my portrait and my moms love it so.

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh what gorgeous pink poppies, Nancy!

Marie Theron said...

Such lovingly painted flowers, soft pink poppies for somebody who is gentle1 I read your customers remarks, Nancy, what a lovely tribute - each of them!

Lorraine Shirkus said...

Hi Nancy, I saw your beautiful flowers on the DPW Japan challenge and it reminded me to visit your site. Your poppies are gorgeous as are the red ones in the previous post---beautifully and boldly painted! I also think the white flowers in the photo are
ranunculous. So nice to catch up with your wonderful work!

Angela Elledge said...

Beautiful painting, as always! Yes, those are ranunculus flowers and I photographed them, too. I have yellow ranunculuses on my front doors, love them. By the way, if you have not recently, take a trip to Central Market and check out their flowers, I loved their selection of green flowers today.

Hi Tweedles!

Ruth Welter said...

Love the colors in this new painting Nancy...gorgeous.


agnicy said...

I love your flowers !

Tatiana Myers said...

Ranunculus , Nancy!