Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Purple Irises and Memories of London

Royal Purple Irises by Nancy Medina
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I was up early to watch the royal wedding, I freely admit it! What a beautiful event, the horses and soldiers in particular were magnificent. I loved the shots of the crowds and the flags, and the carriage ride, it was definitely something out of a bygone era. I went to school in London at King's College in Chelsea, and remember the Londoners as being very friendly and tolerant of us, a group of occasionally rowdy American college students.

They knew more about our politics than we did, and our history, too. I got a sense of a fondness toward us, perhaps it was because we were students, but it was almost as if the Londoners saw us as their children who had moved far away. We tried on more than one occasion to try to get the Londoners to laugh when we rode the tubes, they were so very good at ignoring us. One day on the tubes, we noticed another rowdy group and that's how we met the Australian students, who we instantly hit it off with. I hope to return to London again someday, there is so much history there, you could stay for months and not even scratch the surface.

Below is the iris painting I completed while watching the wedding, step by step! Enjoy!

I used transparent orange as a base,
since I wanted the red purples to pop.

Everything was done wet on wet - even the background
was slightly wet. I love the unexpected surprises that
happen when the colors merge along the edges.

Notice my Mason jar outline, and how it changed
in the final painting. That's the beauty of oil paints -
you can wipe out, correct, and even start
over mid-stream!

Almost done, but just a few more things needed.
What's holding those flowers together? I added
some string! Check out the final at the top of my
blog post. What do you think?


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful! I enjoyed your London story, too!

Tim Robinson said...

Gorgeous painting! I love seeing your process as well. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Me, too - Nancy; I enjoyed reading about your London Memories.

These Royal Purple Irises are so beautiful and I really love viewing the steps from start to finish!

Have a wonderful weekend.

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh boy! I think this is so beautiful, Nancy! Love the complementary color scheme too; just makes those gorgeous irises so deep and beautiful. What a gift to have attended school overseas!

Jerry Stocks said...

Love this painting. I was a flight attendant for Laker Airways(owned by Sir Freddie Laker) and flew to England five times a month for a whole year. I love the country. We were in Manchester the morning of Lady Di's funeral and our flight crew of thirteen watched the funeral together on TV.

Nancy Medina said...

Linda thank you - I sure wish I could go again!

Thank you so much Tim.

Joan I could talk all day about London, it is one of the most interesting places on earth! hug little Janie for me...

Sherry thank you - this was back when they really encouraged students to do overseas study. I was very lucky!

Thank you Jerry - how fun to be able to go there multiple times! I bet you got to see things that the tourists never knew about - the countryside too was unbelievably beautiful.