Monday, April 4, 2011

Room for Rent and a Coronado Invitation

Room for Rent is a study for an element to add to my next large container garden - a little blue flowered bird house. Two new four foot wide container gardens are packaged up today and ready for their flight across the US, including Hummingbird Haven Flower Garden, pictured below. Can you spot the ruby throated hummingbird in the painting below? Here's a hint - it's not close to the unhappy pug in the picture.

These new works will join my largest collection of container garden paintings for my solo show at Art and Frames by Wood Gallery on Saturday, April 16. If you are in the San Diego, California, area, please stop by that day and say hello. I'll be painting in the garden and it wouldn't be nearly as fun without a few hecklers!

AnnieBee and I with Hummingbird Haven Flower Garden
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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