Monday, April 25, 2011

Love's Lullaby Purple Irises

Love's Lullaby Purple Irises
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board
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My mother's stay in ICU was extended tonight when she began having difficulty breathing again. The doctors gave her another airway treatment and a sedative, so she is sleeping now, and breathing better. She was scheduled to be moved out of ICU today, but the evening complications kept her in ICU longer than planned.

How to say in a few words the love I have for my mother, the woman who taught me not to be embarrassed by my own foibles, and to laugh at myself every now and then. I realize now that I am older, she used laughter when we were young to help us overcome our fears. As preteens, we would cringe in the grocery store when she would push her cart down an aisle and spot a stranger. We knew before she made it to the end of that aisle, she would be talking to the individual, laughing with them, and spoiling the blissful anonymity preteens crave in public situations.

My friends in high school loved my mom, and used to go to her office after school to sit and talk with her after classes. She surprised us my senior year in high school by unveiling a large volume of poetry, some that had been published, and all she had been writing for years without our knowledge. When her house was remodeled several years ago, that volume was lost, and I wish for it now just as I wish for her to be well and home again. Thank you to my friends who have prayed for her. She is the greatest gift of my life.
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