Sunday, March 6, 2011

Serenity Garden Poppies and the Dallas Arboretum Artscape Show

Serenity Garden Poppies by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


Nancy Medina Web Site

Serenity Garden Poppies is a new large work that I'm creating as a centerpiece for my Dallas Arboretum Show on March 18. I have an idea for adding some more elements I'll share with you shortly, if I can find time this week to create them. The countdown to the big art show has begun, so I'll have to set the beloved brushes down soon and start framing, tagging and preparing for the Artscape show.

While I painted today, Studio Director AnnieBee rediscovered her favorite chicken toy after a visit to the toybox, so the toy du jour has been clucking on and off for three hours now. You can see a photo of her highness and her chicken below. I thought it was high time I shared more pictures of the studio assistants with you, since they are so popular and in high demand on facebook! Have a wonderful week, the sun is shining in Dallas, and my irises are about to bloom! So much to celebrate, so little time.

Drying on the easel, by my fading sunflowers

Studio Director AnnieBee having
donuts and chicken for dinner.


Terra said...

The painting is looking good and so is your studio assistant.

Martha Kisling said...

Another beautiful painting! I actually grew up in Ft. Worth but have to admit that I had to look up where Flower Mound was. Will be visiting my parents there next week so hope to make it to the Dallas show - I am sure you will do well with your wonderful artwork.

Ingrid Lee said...

Your poppies have such life! They are also one of my favourite subject matters. The blue in this painting is also striking.

Karen Bruson said...

Love the pattern of the flowers. They move me along the painting.

Autumn Leaves said...

Donuts and chicken? Sigh...That AnnieBelly is one girl after my own heart!

Another gorgeous painting and I can indeed feel the serenity.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my gosh!
both your poppies and your puggy are works of art!
so wonderful nancy!
blowing kisses to you and annie bee!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I wish you could all join me at the arboretum. Please think good thoughts for sunshine for me!