Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiss Me Poppies and a Beautiful Journey

Kiss Me Poppies by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board

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It's been a busy weekend in Flower Mound Studio, with the arrival of my friends Gerry and Michele from Illinois this weekend. Gerry and Michele came to Texas to meet a very special little foster pug, Tiffany, and to take her home with them. Tiffany aka Tiffy Tippy Toes has been a bright light in the Medina Foster Home for Wayward pugs for almost 2 months. She came to us through Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue after animal control found her earlier this year. Tiffy has only a small amount of vision, but this has not stopped her from living life to the fullest, from playing with my three spoiled pugs, from running around the yard and enjoying the routine here. She seemed to instantly understand that Michele was there to be her forever mom. Fostering a rescue animal is a wonderful thing - you get to watch the little one in your care bloom like a flower, one petal at a time, as they learn to trust and love again. What a blessing it has been to have Tiffy in my life, and now to share her with someone who is going to give her unconditional love. I suspect she already has more clothes than I do, since she already has her own blog! Here is the link if you'd like to follow her adventures.

Gerry and Michele and Tiffy


Linda Popple said...

Your poppies are beautiful - very colorful. And Tiffy is sooo cute and looks happy with her new family!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Dear Aunt Nancy
I love your poppys so very much.
They are making my heart sing. And my heart is also singing because it is so happy for Tiffy Tippy Toes. I know it feels so good to be chosen.
I am so happy for Michele and Gerry
that this sweet little puggie will be filling their hearts with love.
Thank you for loving Tiffy these past months, and helping to find her a forever home.

Isabel P. Lima said...


Autumn Leaves said...

I love how the poppies are jumping right off the screen to me, Nancy. Just gorgeous! And what a happy story to hear of Tiffy. You've made my morning and I'm off to see Tiffy's blog!

Susan Roux said...

A veil of flowers to look through. Gotta love it! I wish I was sitting on the grass right where you painted...

Karen Bruson said...

Great poppies. Tiffy is precious.