Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hummingbird Haven Sunflower Painting and a Stroll Through Dallas Blooms

Hummingbird Haven Flower Garden
by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Detail from Hummingbird Haven

Hummingbird Haven is my newest container garden, and features a little ruby throated visitor hidden in the pots. While this is drying, let's grab our cameras and take a stroll through the Dallas Arboretum - this is the best time to visit during the annual Blooms Festival.

Here's my tent from Artscape on the grounds March 18-20, what a great show. It was my best art show ever, thanks to some wonderful collectors, supporters, friends, and plenty of sunshine! Event coordinators do not have the final numbers yet, but the Arboretum had its largest attendance in history on Saturday during the art show. The main parking lot filled up 30 minutes after the park opened! The flower paparazzi were out in full force!

This is my friend Martha Kisling, a very talented artist from Colorado *traveled the farthest award*. She was visiting the show with her parents and stopped by to say hi. We had a great time talking about our mutual obsession - painting! Be sure to check out her art blog and click her follow button. Martha is teaching a sunflower workshop April 1. How I wish I could go! She has a true gift and a real passion for flowers.

This was one of my new triptychs, Last Dance Arboretum Delphiniums. These flowers bloom each year by the stone bridge near the entrance to the park, and encircle my favorite place to plein air paint.

Okay, got your sunscreen on? Let's go look at some flowers!!!

Is there anything more beautiful than buttery peach tulips? These were so large, the camera does not do them justice. I never realized before this show what a beautiful fragrance tulips have.

If we follow this stone path, it will take us to the women's garden, the infinity pools and then White Rock Lake. The bike path around the lake is more than 10 miles long. Hubby says one of the days when I paint there he'll bring his running shoes and leave me on my own in the garden. I'm not sure I can be trusted alone with 300 acres of flowers. Things could get out of control with a flower nut like me on the loose!

The best photos I captured were taken just minutes before the opening bell on Sunday morning, when the dew was still heavy on the blossoms. Sunday was the last day of the show, and we started the day with a group of Christian artists by holding hands and saying a prayer of thanks. Can you imagine a better place and time to meditate than dawn in these gardens?

These gorgeous blooms were reaching for the sun! I love how they seem to have streaks of lipstick orange in at the base of each blossom. These will find a way on one of my canvases very soon so stay tuned...

And the classic colors of Easter were everywhere, in clusters beneath the crepe myrtles and hundred year old oak trees.

I will be sharing more photos over the next few weeks, and introduce you to some more art friends who stopped by, so come back again. Next time let's bring a basket of fried chicken and a quilt and we can have lunch by the daffodils.


Martha Kisling said...

Nancy - you are so sweet to post about me on your blog. It was great fun to see you and your wonderful art at the Dallas show. We woke up to snow this morning here in Colorado so I wish I could be back among the spring tulips!

Unknown said...

Martha I love snow, but I am glad it is there and not here, I am hoping to get to the arboretum for more photos! It was great to see you. I hope you can come again next year. Good luck with your workshop!

Autumn Leaves said...

What a gem you have in this gorgeous piece, Nancy. That little hummingbird is a delightful surprise indeed. The grounds of your favorite places are just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! I wish you could come have seen the flowers in person, I am hoping to make another trip out there soon.