Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Children of the Sun, Sunflowers and a Stroll Through Dallas Blooms

Children of the Sun
Sunflowers by Nancy Medina


Oil on Linen Board

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If you happened to miss Artscape during the Dallas Blooms Festival this weekend, no worries. I'm bringing it to you. Got your comfy shoes on and your favorite camera? Okay, let's go!

This is my tent, number 54, which turned out to be a very lucky number indeed. The sun, the Dallas Arboretum flowers, and the collectors all converged to make this my best art show ever last weekend. I can't imagine how anything could have made it better, except maybe if pugs had been allowed.

This was the back wall of my booth, which faced the castles built all over the park for the children to explore. Each year Dallas Blooms has special events just for kids, and this was no exception. These two large sunflower paintings, Love Endures Sunflowers, were purchased by a young couple for their new home. Kismet!

This is my beautiful sister Julie. She probably thought she was here simply to be decoration, but I put her right to work toting frames and guarding purses. We share the same birthday week each year, although I am older by 363 days. Every year on her birthday I call to tell her how incredibly old she is. This year I got her a bedazzled walker and a subscription to AARP digest.

Here's a peek at my booth, and some of my newest irises. These blue flowers were inspired by an early blooming iris in my yard this week. Joe and Donna of Argyle Acres Iris Gardens stopped by the show, and explained it's a bit early for these to be blooming. I'm glad they did, even though they are already gone, they sure got my iris brush in gear.

This lovely lady purchased one of my favorite sunflower paintings, Saving Grace, for her home in Dallas. There were many sunflower fans at the show this weekend, me being equally guilty. I probably paint too many of them, but they make me happy so I keep right at it.

Okay, enough business, let's go look at the blooms! These gorgeous flowers were just up the path from our tents. I wish you could smell the perfume, it was nature's own signature scent.

Of all the photos that I took, a few turned out accidentally good. This one I am most proud of, it has an artsy feel to it. The daffodils were just waking up when I took this photo, and were covered in dew.

See our tents in the background? Imagine having an art show in a setting with tulips, azaleas, cherry blossoms, daffodils, pansies and dozens of other flowers in bloom. It was heaven on earth all weekend.

I had to get low to the ground to take this photo and get the knees of my jeans all stained from wet grass. It was worth it!

I love those blue shadows, can you see the cherry blossoms on the walkway? All weekend they filled the air like white snowflakes. I had to shake them out of my paperwork and frames when I got back into my studio Sunday night. Mother Nature's little mementos.

Yes, oh yes I do like orange!! And pink, and especially purple. And pink. One of the moments during this show I will always remember was when a father pushed his daughter up to my tent in a wheelchair. She had spotted a sunflower painting in a pink pot. He said her bedroom was in those colors and she loved them. I asked her if pink was her favorite color and she nodded shyly. As he paid for the painting, I sensed that he would do anything in the world for her.

I have many more pictures to share with you over the next weeks, but wanted to end our walk today at the historic DeGolyer House mansion. This residence was owned by Dr. and Mrs. DeGolyer, and houses our juried Garden Gallery art show each year. I was honored with an award in the show last year for my pansy painting. Stay tuned and I'll share more pictures with you soon. Thank you so much to everyone who sent good wishes and support and to those who were able to come to the show. Thanks especially to my aunt who brought that delicious ham sandwich. It must have been good because the hubby had a big smile on his face when he was done with it!
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