Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips and Delphiniums of the Dallas Arboretum

Center Dance 24X30
Last Dance Delphiniums
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Join me in Booth 54
Friday through Saturday
March 18-20
at Dallas Arboretum Artscape!

Here's a peek at my new triptych based on
the Delphiniums of the Dallas Arboretum

Last Dance 72X30
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

The poppy painting on the bottom was
slightly damaged in transit -
looks like we have a SALE ITEM!
*dinging noise happening*

This side of my tent faces the castle
contest, with lots of kiddos and families
exploring and taking photos. What
a fun day to set up at the arboretum!

Here are some tulips that were bowing
and dipping in the breeze today -
I think they were performing
for their admirers....

I love how the artists of the Arboretum
mix all these colors together
so perfectly. Maybe they can give
me some color pointers!

These tulips were qute large, the camera
doesn't really show off their size.

And here is one peeping at us!

You may remember this spot from
the photo tour I shared last year, see the
cherry blossoms in the background? Last
year there were clouds scudding across
the sky, right behind those branches.

I saved the best for last, are these amazing? Hmmm,
I should have looked at the sign to see what they are called...
Any horticulturists in the crowd care to guess?
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