Monday, February 21, 2011

Things To Be - Sunflowers

Things To Be - Sunflowers by Nancy Medina


Things To Be Sunflowers is the newest work in Flower Mound Studio, and is a contemplative piece that finished my evening. I often paint carefully, with a goal and plan. At the end of hours of this precision, I pull out a blank canvas, pour a glass of wine, and see if I can paint something in under 20 minutes letting my subconscious pull from the materials at hand, with as little forethought as possible. The art critics out there are undoubtedly saying, ah, yes, I see very little forethought in this piece, just as you describe, but sometimes these stream of consciousness journeys end pleasantly. Things To Be is a tribute to Desiderata, the poem that hung on the bulletin board of my high school English class, the tiny 20X20 room that shaped my life and my future, under the careful supervision of Ms Weeg, today still my dear friend and mentor, my high school English teacher.

Things To Be is more than a tribute to the journey. It is a thought that is fleeting and touches on this time of year that always draws me back. It is the month of my grandmother's death, the artist who inspired me and who fed me confidence all of my teenage years with her devotion and support. It is also the reminder of the six days after my 30th birthday when my father took his own life in the back yard of our family farm. Things To Be is not as sad as it seems, however, it is the breaking that makes us stronger. One jewel of knowledge I came away with after life changing loss is that everyone has a story. Every person around us has a story to tell and an experience that they would share, if the time and place were right, that might astound you. The best lesson, if you live through tragedy, God has given you the equipment to help others through the same. Things To Be is what I have made of it, and I have chosen to make it something good.

The inspiration for Things To Be
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