Friday, February 18, 2011

Jungle Love Poppies and the Day I Met the Bear

Jungle Love Poppies by Nancy Medina

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Jungle Love is sprouting in Flower Mound Studio today, another new painting in preparation for Dallas Arboretum Artscape. This new work is based on the beautiful poppies of Salt Lake City Utah, and the hundreds of photos I took while visiting a friend there last year. It was a great trip, and a fun girl's weekend I'll never forget, even though we had a close encounter with a bear. I know I won't forget it, since I'm still having nightmares about that bear! Fortunately, I was not eaten by the bear, who turned and ran as soon as s/he placed its brown eyes upon our astonished group. We were frozen in place, bear gawkers extraordinaire. Although most bears can't count, it seemed that numbers mattered to this one, since we were a bigger group, off went the bear! A happy ending. And even happier, now, that I have these lovely memories of time spent with good friends, and these lovely poppy photos, too.

Jungle Love part two in progress....

The inspiration for Jungle Love - Utah
poppies the size of dinner plates!
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