Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blue Muse Hydrangeas

Blue Muse Hydrangeas by Nancy Medina


Blue Muse Hydrangeas is drying on the easel in Flower Mound Art Studio, newly bloomed after a trip to East Texas to visit my mother on her farm today. The winter has taken away the greenery on her 15 acres of oak tree heaven, but her flower beds are prepped and ready for spring. I, too, am ready for spring!

On the way back from East Texas, I noticed through the windows of my favorite nursery some color - could there be, could they possibly already have their geraniums in stock? This thought shall haunt me until I find a way to get over there and see. It's much too early for geraniums, unless you live in South Texas, but that never stops me from grabbing up as many as I can to tend and nurture indoors.

It was a good weekend, most of all because it ended with a visit to the woman I love most in the world. I hope you have someone who fills your heart with absolute love, and who inspires you like my mom inspires me. Stay warm, give your babies hugs, and keep blooming!
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