Monday, February 7, 2011

Blown Away Sunflower Bouquet

Blown Away Sunflower Bouquet
Oil on Linen Board


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Blown Away Sunflower Bouquet was a fun painting that hopped onto the canvas as if it had been waiting for months to arrive. In fact, it had! I took a series of sunflower photos on my back deck last summer, and the inspiration for this new painting is below. What a perfect day it was, nice contrast-y type shadows, nice bouncy lights, good color. All those good ingredients to get the artistic juices flowing. Perhaps it was just the need for some warm yellows, since we just concluded the longest and coldest winter storm in almost 80 years here in Big D.

Today the sun came out and made some slush of the white stuff, but they're predicting more snow Wednesday. A friend from Canada told me to stop making such a fuss, to them this was just a nice chilly puff. But I'm not complaining, I'm celebrating! The puggies celebrated too. You can see one of my studio assistants with her snow mustachio below. Stay warm, whereever you may be, and keep blooming!

My back porch inspiration for
Blown Away Sunflower Bouquet

Art Studio Director AnnieBee's snow mustachio


Suzan said...

you paint the most beautiful Sunflowers!!

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh that Annie Belly and her gorgeous little face! Love her fancy winter duds too. This is a beautiful sunflower painting, made even moreso by that gorgeous vase. Well done, Nancy!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you Tree Hugger, I hope you are staying warm in Atlanta today!

Thank you so much Sherry, Howie wonders if you will come over and visit him today. He does not find his mom entertaining enough!

Susan von Ammon said...

Your little dog and your brillilant sunflower paintings are sunny, happy and gorgeous!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi nancy!

oh your sunflowers are amazing and of course miss annie bee is always a work of art!
your post made my day!

m & e

Karen Bruson said...

Congrats on your sale. It's beautiful.