Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wintry Mix Pansies

Wintry Mix Pansies by Nancy Medina


Wintry Mix is drying on the easel, slowly, due to the cold chill in the air today. All of the local shops and malls still have colorful flower beds, thanks to this hardy, cheerful little flower, the pansy. Hubby made steak chili with cornbread muffins for lunch today, and with a little grated cheese on top, it was the perfect food for winter weather.

A large blank canvas is peering over my shoulder, rather rudely, nudging me insistently and advising it would be better to pick the brushes back up again, rather than give in to the urge to take a nap with the pugs. Next weekend I travel to Scottsdale for a business trip, so it feels like the studio time is slipping away much too quickly. Decisions, decisions! Nap or paint...hmmm.


Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Napping or painting is a "real" dilemma...don't know what you need to do but I do know I needed some sunshine today and I just got from your paintings...Thank you!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

mom loves those pansies also her favorite is the sunflowers
Benny & Lily

Autumn Leaves said...

Missed the roses yesterday, Nancy, but boy! they are surely beautiful in their fine cream colored petals. Your thoughts behind that painting are so wonderful and I can see how the thoughts led to the painting. As to the proliferation of pansies? Oh my! Simply one stunning piece. The foliage in which they are nestled is so pretty!

Ruth Welter said...

Beautiful Nancy...


Unknown said...

Becky I am glad I was able to help! warm hugs!!

Benny and Lily, your mom is very lucky to have you around. You are both so cute.

Sherry, thank you so much. I painted these from a photo taken of a flower bed in Dallas, next time I may add more dirt! ; )

Thank you Ruth! warm hugs from your southern neighbor!