Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunflower Turnover and Mister Blue Flies Home

Sunflower Turnover by Nancy Medina


Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

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Sunflower Turnover is drying under the spotlight in Flower Mound Studio today, and what a perfect weekend it has been so far! This morning I shipped paintings to three new clients, then headed out to Home Depot for packing materials to send Mister Blue, Great Blue Heron to his new home in Newport Beach, California. Mister Blue was my large painting selected for the National Wildlife Juried Show for the Irving Art Association last year. His new owner says he will be the featured work of art in her home on the beach, so Mister Blue has found the perfect nest for a comfortable retirement.

Mister Blue was based on the amazing photograph taken by my friend, Sharon, of A New England Life. Sharon is my greatest artistic inspiration, but she is also one of my most cherished friends. I have posted this previously, but want to share with you again, because it is worth a second look - the photograph that inspired Mister Blue is below. You can see more of Sharon's beautiful works of art on her blog. Some of my best memories will always be of the time we sat at her kitchen table and solved the little problems of the world, while her critters were nearby. As a Texan who longs for the quaint New England life, Sharon's blog is a place I visit often to live vicariously in a beautiful village with snow in the winter, and gorgeous flowers in the spring.

Sharon's Great Blue Heron
The Inspiration for Mister Blue

Mister Blue, Great Blue Heron
Oil on Canvas

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sharon. I nearly fainted
when she bent down and picked up this horseshoe crab!

Click here to read about the trip, and see
a video of our visit with the horseshoe crabs!

Sharon and I and her pug, Winston.


A New England Life said...

You crazy lady! Did you get previous approval on those photos before you published them? It looks like I'm winking at that horse shoe crab. LOL!

I can't lie, I do love the herons. Maybe you should paint another one. Or ten.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

LOL! You know you wanted to give that squirmy fellow a kiss on his carapace! : ) xox

Autumn Leaves said...

Stunning paintings and I love the heron especially. You and Sharon are both gorgeous ladies, Nancy. And tell Howie he still has my heart.

Laura said...

What can I say other than you both rock through your photography and paintings! I'm honored to know you both - even if only on-line, and hopefully one day, in person!