Monday, January 17, 2011

Pink and White and American Art Collector

Pink and White by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

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What a busy week in Flower Mound Studio, keeping the heaters going full blast, cooking homemade dog food for the studio assistants, and prepping dozens of new canvases for the Dallas Arboretum Show in March. For my friends who have been wondering when on earth I was going to share the big news I talked about last week - this is it! the moment you have been waiting for! *insert sound of pugs snoring in the background*

I've been told I'll be featured in an article in the March floral issue of American Artist Magazine. Holy cow that means I need to renew my subscription! How else will I be able to get a copy to mom? All kidding aside, it is a big honor, and I am so excited. I was asked to send in some images, my bio, and some collector quotes, so I am wondering how it will look, and then there is that little fear that it will get cut, since you never know about these things. I work in magazine publishing, although what I publish is not nearly as exhilarating as beautiful artwork. During the daytime, I wear my editing hat and direct the Annals of Emergency Medicine, the leading journal in the US for emergency doctors.

My career in publishing started in newspapers and then I became involved in veterinary medical publications. Later I went to work for the owners of Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazine in Southern California. What a fun job that was, working on the floor with all the editors of every animal magazine imagineable. Everyone was so passionate about their magazine, whether they were in charge of Bird Talk, Horse Illustrated, or Cat Fancy. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable, and I loved working there, because I do have a fondness for animals of all kinds. Next I became the managing editor of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, and moved on from there to bigger and better things.

My passion, though, is art, and my biggest dream will be to only paint full time, rather than paint full time and work in an office full time, too. Each day I move a little closer to that dream. Thank you for walking with me! What a treat to have you along for the journey.

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