Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hope Garden, Sunflowers and Pansies

Hope Garden, Sunflower and Pansies


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Hope Garden is the newest container garden at Flower Mound Studio this week, and is lighting up the studio with color, a bit of joy, and hope for a very good 2011. There is something nice about the way 2011 looks when you write it, unlike 1976 which has seriphs pointing hither and yon. So for artists, 2011 is bound to be a good year, don't you think?

Hubby just pulled a load of fresh towels out of the dryer, and placed one warm towel on each snoozing pug as a treat as he folded. They love warm blankets and towels fresh from the dryer, after all, pugs are a smart breed, when it comes to comfort. He spent the day cooking up our lunches for the week, I'll be having roast chicken with rice each day, and he'll be having stir fry. It's a treat to have a loved one who enjoys cooking, most especially since my interest in the kitchen is usually limited to locating that Hershey bar I swear I left in the door of the refrigerator or the bag of crunchy cheetoes stored on top of the fridge. I usually have three or four bites of these awful comfort foods and then throw them away so I won't have any more. Hubby made me promise not to do that any more, since he abhors wasted food, even if he will never touch that particular snack. So I have no choice but to finish the extra large bag of chips!
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