Monday, January 10, 2011

Faithful Friends Sunflowers and Some New Studio Residents

Faithful Friends Sunflowers


Oil on Linen Board

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Faithful Friends Sunflowers is drying on the easel, as I attempt to find more shelf space for my latest exciting acquisitions - a couple of beautiful pots from Home Goods! *insert sound of trumpets* I had such good intentions when I popped into the store at lunchtime, just to browse, not to buy. But they were on sale, in all these lovely pinks and reds for Valentine's day paintings! My heart went pitty pat when I saw them and that was that. Plus the lines at the register were extra super short, so how on earth could I not buy a few new pots?

Here's a picture of one below, just so you will see immediately what I am talking about. In all honesty, could you walk past this cutey? You should have seen me clinking and clanking with my bags full of pots, all the way to my car in the chilly weather. Stay tuned, this little beauty will be in a painting very soon, I'm sure of it. After all, she has to earn her keep!

The newest studio resident


mormar said...

I do love White China with red things on it. I think you may have found some wonderful inspiration.

Autumn Leaves said...

Which is prettier, the painting or the pot??? I love 'em both!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sherry! This little pot is calling me today, do you think my boss will mind if I call in sick because I had to stay home and paint my new pot?

Marsha, I love white china with red on it, it's just got something, doesn't it?

Katie Wilson said...

Gorgeous as always and the pot in this one is incredible.

Karen Bruson said...

Such a strong painting. Just love how you paint the petals.

Unknown said...

Katie thank you, I do love that pot!

Karen, thank you so much. Such a compliment from a master painter like you!