Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eucalyptus and Hydrangeas and a Wish Comes True

Eucalyptus and Hydrangeas
Oil on Linen Board
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What a busy weekend in the studio! There are new paintings drying on every available surface, and the arrival of something I had wished and hoped for since Thanksgiving - snow! Nice fat snowflakes came down all afternoon, and we have a lovely white 3-inch deep carpet outside. This is our first snow in Dallas this winter, it happens rarely enough here that it is something to celebrate, since it occasionally means everyone gets a day off work because of road closures.

The pugs took turns running in and out of the dog door and coming in to shake off the white cold stuff. The heaters are going full blast, the fireplace is crackling, and some silly romantic movie is playing. I cannot possibly think of a better way to end the weekend, can you?

A few of you have asked what my big news is, and I haven't announced it quite yet - I have a few more little items to put together for the big splash so stay tuned! This is the best honor since my art journey began with a new year's eve resolution to begin painting 18 years ago. You will be the first to hear it, well except, of course, I've already told mom.

AnnieBee the Snow Bunny
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